Outline of HR400K

Features of HR400K

1. High Through Put: The small area in the 300mm wafer with 400,000 points is to be measured in 30 seconds (the resolution: 3~9 micro-m). The calculation time for 1 point is 0.2msec by 1-parameter. Defects occured in manufacturing process are to be found at any stage, by examining a huge amount of data of refractive index.
2. High Accuracy: The error in the expanding angle of the light beam caused by diffraction can be extremely small.
3. Measurement of multilayer: With our newly developed algorithm (MFE algorithm), the accurate measurement of many kinds of multilayer films such as ONO, SOI, etc. can be done.
4. Samples with pattern: It is easy to measure effectively samples with pattern such as device wafer, LOCOS, TEG wafer, or trench capacitor and so on.