2 Dimension Ellipsometer BEPE
Ellipsometer is the excellent optical machine to measure thickness or refractive index of dielectric films.
2 Dimension ellipsometer is the ellipsometer for next generation.
BEPE is the most accurate and the highest through put ellipsometer in the world.

What is PEL?
PEL(Parallel Ellipsometry) is a method, which has put functions of 100,000 conventional ellipsometers (i.e.1 Point measuring Ellipsometer) in parallel in one machine.
It has unique architecture and algorithm developed by HEUREKA CO.
US Patent issued.

What is MFE algorithm?
Multilayer thin Film Ellipsometry
Our newly developed algorithm made possible to measure materials, thickness, or films, which are important but not possible to be measured by conventional techniques.
US Patent issued.

Ellipsometer INDEX
What's Ellipsometer Concept
High performance Thin oxide film
SiO2/Si Thick oxide film
Poly Silicon Mesurement of TFT
CMP and BEPE series 3 Machines of BEPE
Function of BEPE Semiconductor Manufacturing process
Application on Process roughness and thickness