Outline of QR120K

Ellipsometer is an optical machine widely used for the semiconductor or LCD process, to measure thickness and refractive index of various transparent thin film. With our products BEPE (Beam Expanded Parallel Ellipsometer) series, we made it possible to measure the entire surface of a sample with more than 100,000 points simultaneously and display the result graphically.

Features of QR120K

1. High Through Put: The entire surface of a 200mm wafer with 120,000 points is to be measured in 30 seconds (the resolution: 0.27~0.79mm). The calculation time for 1 point is 0.2msec by 1-parameter. Defects occured in manufacturing process are to be found at any stage, by examining a huge amount of data of refractive index.
2. High Accuracy: There is no error due to the vibration, pitching, or rolling stage. The error in the expanding angle of the light beam caused by diffraction can be extremely small.
3. Measurement of multilayer: With our newly developed algorithm (MFE algorithm), the accurate measurement of many kinds of multilayer films such as ONO, SOI, etc. can be done.
4. Samples with pattern: It is easy to measure effectively samples with pattern without setting the wanted spot.