New Minute Measurement System for Semiconductor Surface

New Approach for Analyzing Wafer Roughness

It is an interesting question how the formation of thermal oxide is influenced by wafer roughness.

Interfacial Layer and 2dimension Ellipsometer BEPE

This paper deals with Measurement of the structure of interfacial layer by 2-dimension ellipsometer

The observation of chemical mechanical polished film by 2- dimension elliposmeter

This paper is about the data of refractive index and thickness measuring CMP polished PTEOS film by our 2-dimension ellipsometer. In this paper, we can measure 127,000 points and analyze the data statistically. So,we can offer a new evaluation technique for the thin film processing.

BEPE Guidebook

CONTENTS: What is a Parallel Ellipsometer?,A New Type of Ellipsometer is Wanted,The Basic Idea of BEPE Series is Simple,Simple Explanation on the Optical System of BEPE Series ,Two Sample Models of Our Ellipsometer,Two Principles of Measurement of BEPE Series,A World through the Parallel Ellipsometer,Dramatic Improvement of Efficiency in Development,Parallel Ellipsometer And High Technology ,Appearance of a BEPE,Options of BEPE series,Plans for BEPE Series

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